Started in 1987 by a couple of woodworkers, we are still a small business with a small product line, but our products will make a huge difference in the way you do woodworking.

Wishing you Happy Woodworking ~ Jerry & Betty Cole, In-Line Industries

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One of our main goals on this site is to provide visitors with information that will help them. We hope
that you will take the time to visit our EDUCATION area while you are here. In it, you will find
manuals and articles that you can download, and video clips about working on your table saw. We also
have some “Dubby project” videos that you might enjoy.

We will be making frequent additions to the site, as we plan on having a huge “knowledge base” for
visitors to research. If you would like to be notified about site updates, please “Sign-Up” so we can
notify you when updates are added. Rest assured that we will not “bombard” you with e-mails trying to
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more fun.

Jerry & Betty Cole
In-Line Industries

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