“Dubby” Replacement Parts

Dubby Replacement Parts

köp Viagra i stockholm köpa Sildenafil Citrate i turkiet Platforms:  The platform (base) is the most frequently requested replacement part of the Dubby, as it is the part of the jig that does the majority of the work and takes the most abuse.

Binary options market analysis blog Before ordering a platform, be sure to read the information below. We want to insure you order the right replacement platform. We do not cover shipping (for either a return or replacement) on items that were ordered by mistake.

Our first jigs had a “stick-on” scale, which was upgraded to our adjustable stainless scale in 1999. If you are looking to replace a platform that has the “stick-on” scale, you will need to order a “Platform with Scale”, as the “stick-on” scales are no longer available.

We also had a change in material thickness on the Dubby platform a few years ago.  If you have both sides of the Dubby and wish to change only 1 platform, be sure to measure the thickness of the platform material so the faces of the Dubby platforms will be level with one another.  This is extremely important if you want to tie the jigs together as a “double-sided panel cutter”. The platforms listed as “Old Style” are slightly over ½” thick, and those listed as “New Style” are slightly under ½” thick.

The distance between the miter grooves on the saw and the saw blade is critical information you need to know before ordering a replacement platform.  Our “Standard Platforms” will work on saws that have between 4” and 5 ¾” from the miter groove to the saw blade.  If the distance between the miter groove and blade is either more or less than these measurements, you will need to order a “Custom Platform” for your Dubby

learn more about binary options trading Guide Bar:  The Dubby guide bar is 23 ¾” long, and will work on all saws with miter grooves either slightly under or over ¾” in width.  6 spring plungers installed “side-to-side” through the bar are easy to adjust initially, and will insure that there is absolutely no play in the miter groove of the saw, even if the groove is not a consistent width along its length.   The bars are tapped for (4 ea.) ¼ -20 screws (included) and will fit all full size (23 ¾” front-to-back) Dubby platforms.

binaire optie is gokken Backstop End Block:  This sacrificial wood block on the saw blade end of the backstop will become pretty “hacked up” over time as you use the Dubby. This will cause you to lose the zero clearance advantage which can help reduce tear-out.  We offer the blocks as singles, which are assembled for your convenience, or as a “money saver” 4 pack which contains end blocks that you glue up yourself. The advantages of this package are you can have an end block dedicated to your favorite angles, and you pay the same shipping for either kit.

http://www.selectservices.co.uk/?propeler=auto-opzioni-binarie-opinioni&140=f1 auto opzioni binarie opinioni Hold-Down Clamps:  They are quite small, but the clamps we provide with the Dubby can exert 35 lbs. of pressure to secure your pieces in place as they are cut. Clamps can be ordered either with (or without) bases.


Sildenafil Citrate billiger bestellen Dubby Replacement Platforms
binäre optionen mt4 Price
Dubby Left Replacement Platform – New Style (under 1/2″ thick) $45.00
Dubby Left Replacement Platform – Old Style (over 1/2″ thick) $45.00
Dubby Right Replacement Platform – New Style (under 1/2″ thick) $45.00
Dubby Right Replacement Platform – Old Style (over 1/2″ thick) $45.00
Dubby Left & Right Replacement Platform – New Style (under 1/2″ thick)  $85.00
Dubby Left & Right Replacement Platform – Old Style (over 1/2″ thick)  $85.00
Quality Tastylia Drugs At Low Price No Prescription Needed Dubby Stainless Steel Angle Scales
Dubby Stainless Steel Angle Scale – Left $20.00
Dubby Stainless Steel Angle Scale – Right $20.00
Dubby Stainless Steel Angle Scale – Left & Right $35.00
binära optioner trading Dubby Replacement Parts
Dubby Miter Bar $29.99
Dubby Backstop Wood End – qty: 1 $6.99
Dubby Backstop Wood End – 4 pack $19.99
Dubby Mylar Slide Strips – 3 pack $4.99
Dubby Hold-Down Clamp $12.50